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Weather Data API

Weather Data API

The Velocity Weather™ API provides an accurate, web-delivered meteorological data stream for turn-key integration into a range of devices and services, including location-based smart phone and tablet apps, websites, desktop applications, multi-function displays, chartplotters, and electronic flight bags. No matter what kind of weather or sea state information you want to incorporate quality-controlled, industry-leading data from the Velocity Weather API enables quick and easy integration into your applications.

Compelling Data
Precision Data

A Wealth of Value-Added Weather Tools

By applying proprietary techniques, and producing a suite of location-based, value-added data products focused on hail, flooding, tornadoes, and winter precipitation, the Velocity Weather API becomes the information users are looking for when the weather is at its most unpredictable. Even basic weather and sea state data is compiled from an array of public and private sources, then quality-controlled for the best possible timeliness and accuracy, making your application the weather destination of choice.


Build Better Apps
Build Better Apps

Weather data that’s anything but standard

This isn’t just any weather development tool, and the difference is in the data. Designed by an experienced team of meteorologists and weather software developers, Velocity is powered by the best weather data available–high-resolution, auto-updating content that will make your project complete. Using geo-location, Velocity Weather can enable weather-related push notifications based on users’ positions, and the locations of those they care about, through your app.


High Flexibility
High Flexibility

Easy to implement

Velocity API weather data is designed for quick and seamless integration. Multiple data formats include JSON and TMS for efficient integration into most applications and platforms. RESTful architecture ensures a familiar development environment. Industry-targeted data packages make integration easy and quick. Customized data packages are also available for your specific application.


Secure and Reliable

Data delivery you can count on

Uptime is everything. Baron uses state-of-the-art servers in multiple data centers to fuel Velocity Weather-compatible products and services with a wealth of great weather. Additionally, scalability built into the system allows us to easily adjust to large usage spikes. We make sure that when your customers need weather information, it's there.