Velocity Weather is now the Baron Weather API! Visit, and create an account. It's the same great weather data, with easier, faster documentation access and many more site improvements
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Getting Started

All Velocity Weather products are created for simple implementation.

Whether you have us build your weather tools, or you implement weather data into your app, Baron makes the process clear and straightforward.



  Working With Our API

For customers interested in the Velocity Weather API, here's a quick way for you to see exactly how straightforward implementing our data into your application can be.

Create Account 

Sign up for developer authorization and account access. This will give you access to a free developers account. Limited access keys will allow you to experiment with some basic weather products in your application.


Receive Authorization

You'll get an email with authorization, login and developer keys.



Once your developer key is in hand, you'll have access to the API, where you can download and incorporate sample code into your application for testing.



Get in Touch

If you decide that the API would work well with your system, talk to us about the best way to integrate Velocity Weather data into your application.




Weather Products Catalog

Tropical Weather Data
Tornado Detection
Storm Tracking & Analysis
Snow Machine®
Satellite Imagery
Roadway Weather
Radar Futurecasting
NWS Polygon Alerts & Warnings
Hydrology & Flooding
High-Resolution Radar
Dual-Polarization Radar Data
Daily Weather Data
Baron Tornado Index®
BAMS Forecast Model

  Creating Your Weather Solution

Your needs are undoubtedly unique to your project and budget, which is why designing the best package of software and data to enhance your product is key. If you’re looking for white-label applications for web or mobile devices, or want to integrate a weather map into your current online presence, we can find the best solution for you. Baron is eager to provide our superior weather data and applications to any developer, media outlet or patron who can see the need for top-quality weather information in their industry.